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Composite Engineering Materials for Heavy Duty Application

(Spherical Bearings, Linear Bearings, Bushes, Custom Made Components.)


It has been well known that PTFE fiber reinforced composite materials were widely used as engineering components in heavy duty application, instead of the traditional method of using metal parts.


Our MSPT series of composite materials show their outstanding performances based on their design by means of introducing inorganic fiber and textile combination into the material mixture. Inorganic fiber would make the materials more rigid and more anti-abrasive. Using layer assembly of the composite material would make it more advantages when applied under high load high impact situations, while keeping their low friction coefficient. The composite materials are perfect to be applied as sliding bearings under high load, and can be custom design as per customer requirement.



  • Composite self-lubricating materials will give maintenance job much easier, thus save cost!
  • Composite materials are highly recommended for use where lubricants are undesirable and or none existent.
  • Composite materials have an extremely low rate of moisture absorption and therefore negligible dimensional change, making it ideally suitable for use in corrosive environment & submerged water applications.
  • Composite materials are light weight, are easily machined, contain no harmful or toxic materials and have exceptional dimensional stability, even in wet conditions.
  • Composite materials offer the engineering designer another design option alternative for bushes, bearings, wear pads and many more applications.



  • Hydraulics
  • Marine & Shipbuilding
  • Hydropower
  • Oil & Gas, Chemical sector
  • Precision Engineering
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Material Handling & Equipment's
  • Mining
  • Railway
  • And many more…

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